A couple of thoughts:

1.  If you haven't already, you may want to pose this question on the Writing Center Listserv available at the website of the International Writing Center Association (along with many other resources for writing center administrators): 

2.  For your item #5, I suggest the University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center.  Brad Hughes is the Director.  I attended an NCLCA Institute a few years ago at which Brad was mentor for a day.  He was fantastic!  A great resource on writing (and learning) centers.

Alan Craig

Immediate Past President, NCLCA

Interim Director, GPC Learning & Tutoring Center
Coordinator, Dunwoody LTC Location
Georgia Perimeter College
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Subject: Writing Center Proposal

Hello listers,

Welcome back!  We are just completing our first week of classes and our center is already very busy. I hope that all of you are off to a good start as well.

I am seeking suggestions from those of you who are either responsible for or work closely with your Writing Center.  Here at USF we have a Learning Commons and the Writing Center is part of our model (and under my responsibility).  Our Writing Center has evolved and grown over the course of the past 3 years and it is time to develop a proposal for a more permanent organizational structure.  I will be working on this proposal in collaboration with the Chair from our English Department.

This is our current status:
We are a large urban university and our Writing Center is physically located in the Library Learning Commons.  As Director of Learning Services I oversee the Writing Center operation, but it is a collaborative effort with our English Department.  Our Writing Consultants are graduate students from the English Department, who are assigned to the Writing Center for part of their assignment load.  Our coordinator is a doctoral student from English working part time.  We use Smarthinking as a supplement for online and off-hours support .  We are primarily appointment based and nearly 100% of available hours are utilized! Our appointments are face-to-face and run for 50 minutes.  We serve both undergraduate and graduate students.

I am seeking information in the following areas:

1.       While we have a fantastic Grad. Asst. now, we recognize that our growth demands a change in  the administrative structure, so what do you recommend for the director or Coordinator position?  Or what level of position do you have now and how is it working?    Associate or Full Professor with other duties or Writing professional (instructor level) whose position is fully committed to the operation of the center?  Or Graduate Assistant working part time?

2.       What is your service model?  Appointments only?  Length of appointments?  Walk-ins only?  A mix of appointments and walk-ins?

3.       Any references you can recommend in terms of best practices?  For example, do your Writing Consultants take a course prior to being assigned to the center to work with students?  Or is there a training?   Or a mix?

4.       If you were helping a center starting from scratch what would you highly recommend as minimum resources?

5.       Who are the Writing Centers that we might take a look at as "aspirational" models?

6.       If you would like to see our current services, check out the website:<>

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer.  Please feel free to contact me off list if you like.  My contact info is below.

Pat Maher

Patricia A. Maher, Ph. D.
Director, Tutoring and Learning Services University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Ave.
Tampa, FL  33620
LIB 206
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