Faced with low pass rates for the Basic Skills Test (the 
Hi everyone!

Faced with low pass rates for the Basic Skills Test (the Illinois teacher education/certification entry exam--much like the Praxis in some states), we are trying to identify ways to more directly target specific areas where students have a need for additional tutoring.  Is anyone else experiencing a similar situation with pass rates?  If so, what steps are other institutions taking?

Also, I'm a literacy person, so I have to plead ignorance on this one:  can anyone recommend a few good basic math diagnostic tests that have a very low floor? 

I'd appreciate any recommendations and insights off-list at [log in to unmask]  Thanks in advance!


Sonya L. Armstrong, Ed.D.
>Director, College Learning Enhancement 
>Asst. Prof. of Postsecondary Literacy
>Dept. of Literacy Education
>148 Gabel Hall
Illinois University
>Office: 815.753.8486
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