Today, 8/23, I stopped off for lunch at Sugar Mill Gardens in Port
Orange, Volusia County. I found a small flurry of warbler activity. I
found a nice group of 3 Ovenbirds all together within 10 feet of each
other together with two Worm-eating Warblers, a beautiful male
Black-throated Blue Warbler, a Parula Warbler, an American Redstart, and
a Red-eyed Vireo. After work, I walked through Central Park in Ormond
Beach. I found a nice group of 4 Black and White Warblers, 6+ American
Redstarts, a Worm-eating Warbler, and a spectacular male Prothonotary
Warbler. Seven species of warblers was the most activity I have seen
this season, and the first Ovenbirds, Black-throated Blues, and Black
and White Warblers that I have seen so far.

In addition, as the staff was leaving our bird hospital at the Marine
Science Center, they heard a parrot calling on a light pole. They called
me and I found the Monk Parakeet on the wires. This is the first Monk
Parakeet I have seen in Ponce Inlet, and only the second one I have seen
in Volusia County.  If others know of any Monk Parakeets in Volusia
County, I would appreciate knowing about them.


Michael Brothers
Marine Science Center
Ponce Inlet, FL

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