Dr. Wysocki has requested our group offer assistance in reviewing the vendor presentations for the upcoming technology selection. In lieu of our meeting scheduled for next week, I was thinking we might just participate in the vendor presentations either in person, or via the remote connection the vendors provide us. 

Collaborate will be here on Wednesday September 21 at 11am in the HUB, room 125 and Adobe Connect will be here on Wednesday September 28, at 11am in the Hub, room 125. Unity will be in HUB 125 on Friday September 30th at 11am. Both vendors are also providing me with weblinks so people can attend virtually. You committee is welcome to attend in person or virtually (actually, it would be great to have a number of people who connect virtually to give a better test to the software).

In list form:
Blackboard Collaborate - Wednesday, September 21, at 11AM
Adobe Connect - Wednesday, September 28, at 11AM
Unity - Friday, September 30, at 11AM

All meetings will be in HUB 125, and remote logins will dispersed when they become available. 

Any thoughts?
Ben Campbell, M.A.E.
Assistant Director, Office of Distance Learning
UF College of Education

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