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Subject: W3 Seminar Wed., 11:45 - Re(de)fining Net Zero Energy/Sustainable Building Design


Please join us for the Water, Wetlands and Watersheds Seminar, this Wednesday, Sept 7, 11:45-12:30 at the Phelps Lab.

Re(de)fining Net Zero Energy: Renewable Emergy Balance in Environmental Building Design

Dr. Ravi Srinivasan
Assistant Professor
Rinker School of Building Construction
College of Design, Construction and Planning
University of Florida

This talk discusses a new concept (Renewable Emergy Balance) to guide building design toward sustainability. This concept builds on the current building design criteria, Net Zero Energy, by expanding it to the entire building life cycle and considering all inputs, not just energy, on a common basis as emergy. The process is to establish a potential based on the nonrenewable inputs that can be substituted by renewable inputs. This property is called Renewable Substitutability. Higher states of sustainability can be obtained by progressive substitution of nonrenewable with renewable inputs over the buildings life time. US EPA's Atlantic Ecology Division building in Narragansett, RI was used as a case study to guide building design toward sustainability.

Seminar series website with schedule and recordings for past seminars:

Sharlynn Sweeney, PhD
Center for Environmental Policy and
H.T. Odum Center for Wetlands
University of Florida
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