Bell River Spoil Island, Nassau County:  With all the recent shorebird
reports, I elected to conduct a periodic survey of the marsh spoil site
during today's spring flood tide. No rarities on this occasion but good
numbers of most species and many, hatch year, juveniles in "crisp" plumage.
Missing today were Wilson's plovers and Sanderling. A flock of ca 50 Rosette
Spoonbill were roosting on the margin of the island's woodlands. 


Whimbrel:  4  (count)

Willet:  153  (count)

Black-bellied plover:  194 (count)

Semipalmated plover:  ca 400  (1 banded from a regional cohort)

Short-billed dowitcher:  433  (count)

Ruddy Turnstone:  < 20

Red knot:  5 (all hatch year juveniles)

Greater Yellowlegs:  5

Lesser Yellowlegs:     3

Pectoral sandpiper:   1

Western Sandpiper:   ca 400

Least sandpiper:  ca  50

Semipalmated sandpiper:   ca 200 



Patrick Leary, Fernandina Beach, Nassau County


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