On 09/01 one Hairy Woodpecker, a female, was observed. Over the years the HAWO has been a rare sighting for me. Perhaps only one or two/yr or less. 


On 08/31 I found a feather puddle, apparently from a Pileated Woodpecker. Today 09/03 my husband found another apparent PIWO feather puddle in the  same place. This area was recently (this yr?) burned and has multiple dead and dying tall pines. As a result there are lots of woodpeckers working on those trees. The PIWOs are especially obvious since they are very noisy with their hammering and calling. I was thinking just yesterday as I went through the area and was getting very close to them how easy it would be for a predator to approach the working birds. Wonder if it was the young that have been taken out? The PIWO seem so robust.  A ll this has been a surprise. I don't often see Coopers Hawks but know they are there. Also, o n 08/27 in this very area my husband saw a big Red Tail carrying a squirrel. What else is a possible predator here? 


Of course this is nature's way but I do hate to see PIWOs fall victim. They are special. 


Lenore McCullagh 

Orange Park 

Clay County

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