Hi all,
I was lucky enough to bird some of the restricted fields of the Everglades Ag area.  It was spectacular, with thousands of waders and shorebirds.  The best find was a Hudsonian Godwit.  The first thing I noticed was the white under the tail and lower belly.  There was no barring on the white belly as the St Marks bird showed, but there were a few bits of barring under the tail.  The overall color of the bird was grayish, not warm.  It showed a black line thru the eye and a well-defined whitish supercilium.   It was not near any Marbleds for size comparision.  Nice being able to use the field marks I just reviewed on the St Marks bird.
Other highlights were Buff-breasted Sandpiper, American Golden-Plover, and several Marbled Godwits.
Dotty Robbins
High Springs

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Not really sure how many I had going into last Sunday, but my Gulf total is 185.
DeSoto County in're livin' large!

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So how many did you add to your Gulf co list?  I know you won't tell me unless I ask!
I'm in Clewiston at the infamous Biggs/Simpson crib.  I finally got my Desoto list up to 100.  Added 2 more for Palm Beach.  etc.
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