I had one client when I ran a commercial facility that had their records in
plastic cartons.  The reason they chose these is they had a VERY HIGH rate
of retrieval and they were regularly damaging their cardboard boxes and
having to replace them. In this case, I thought the decision made perfect sense.

For the most part, I can't see a legitimate reason for the change.  As you
said, if the facility is well managed, they ensure all boxes are kept off
the floor (even during processing, by placing them on pallets of racks), and
they are above the 100 or 500 year flood plain, it shouldn't be an issue. 
Many of the plastic boxes can become heat damaged at temperatures lower than
the cardboard combustion point, and depending on how they are constructed
and the source or water, they can hold water in them causing increased
damage to the contents in the event of exposure.

In addition to the cost to replace cardboard with plastic, you will have the
effort required to transfer the contents, the handling fees for removing
from and re-shelving, a requirement for re-labeling and the potential of
mixing up box numbers when it happens.  Also, the boxes have to be equipped
with label holders and they have to be able to accept whatever labeling your
vendor generates when they place them in inventory.

Gut reaction? Good money after bad.

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