Date:   October 12, 2011

To:     All UF Graduate Students

Cc:     All UF Graduate Coordinators and Staff

From:   UF Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations

RE:     November 18: UF CSRRR Course Development Grant Application Deadline

The UF Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations (CSRRR) is an academic research and resource center.  With the objective of fostering communities of dialogue, the UF Race Center embraces historically and empirically based thinking, talking, teaching, and writing on race. To this end, the Center creates and supports programs designed to enhance race-related curriculum development for faculty, staff, and students in collegiate and professional schools. More information on CSRRR is available online at

The CSRRR's Course Development Grant (CDG) is intended to fund the development and teaching of upper-level undergraduate courses substantially addressing issues of race and/or race relations. The competition is open to UF graduate students, with at least one semester of teaching experience.

Grant amounts are $2,500. (It is the responsibility of the student to insure that s/he is eligible to work and/or receive additional salary, if they are receiving other forms of UF or external funding.) Grantees are expected to teach their newly-developed course in either the Fall 2012 or Spring 2013 semester.

The deadline to apply is November 18, 2011.

Course Guidelines:

Proposed courses should...
-- Be geared toward a 4000-level, upper division undergraduate seminar;
-- Dedicate at least 50-75% of course time to the study of race and/or race relations; courses can have a very specific focus or offer a survey of a broad topical area;
-- Be of interest to a diverse range of undergraduate majors;
-- Reflect the applicant's research and scholarly interests (e.g., thesis, teaching or dissertation work);
-- Note: Applicant must not have previously-taught the proposed course.

Proposal Guidelines:

Proposals should include...
-- A cover letter that summarizes interest, background and experience;
-- A two-page prospectus of the course, including course title, description, objectives and an outline of the proposed course content (topics to be covered) and readings;
-- A curriculum vita; and
-- Two faculty reference letters.

Suggestions for Developing a Proposal:

-- Describe, in as much detail as possible, the substance of the course and connect substantive descriptions to course readings, requirements and activities.
-- Combine seminal pieces of literature with the latest research and analysis.
-- Define race broadly to include diverse racial (and ethnic) groups.
-- Define key terms.

Individual applicants are permitted to submit multiple proposals. Each awardee will receive a single grant.

All proposal materials must be received by November 18, 2011.

Submit proposals via email to Melissa Bamba, at [log in to unmask]  

Questions? Please contact Melissa Bamba, UF CSRRR Assistant Director, at 273-0614 or [log in to unmask]