DATE:       October 27, 2011

TO:         Deans, Graduate Deans, Chairs/Directors, Graduate Coordinators, and Graduate Staff

FROM:       Kenneth J. Gerhardt

            Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School

RE:         Ph.D. Job Placement Data

Each semester the names of new Ph.D. graduates are posted to the Job Placement website. Again, you are requested to enter data about your students.

Departmental personnel can access the Ph.D. employment website through the portal. Pull down the Main Menu, select Quick Links, and then ISIS Admin.

Once at this site, click on the Jump box, type in fele and click on the arrow.

This will take you to the page labeled Fellowship Employer Info. Select Student Program List from the menu bar on the left and select college, program and term(s).  You may have to click the Refresh button along the top menu bar.

Identify the position that each Ph.D. graduate holds (post-doc, faculty, non-academic) and fill in as much information as you have for each of your graduates. After you enter student information, select Complete.  You can return to the page and update student information at any time.  But to begin with, we want you to enter "Type of Employment".

If you have any questions, please contact me at 392-6622 or [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

cc:  Joe Glover, Provost

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