Hi, three quick reminders of three items of interest right now:


1) It will be great to see the more than 400+ who have already registered to
go to CRLA's exciting conference this year in sunny and beautiful San Diego.
For anyone who hasn't registered yet, the DEADLINE for regular registration
is OCT 15 for CRLA's 44th Annual Conference, Nov. 9th through 12th, 2011!
After that deadline, you will have to do late registration onsite.  Visit <>  for more details.


2) Were you able to do something to celebrate International Tutor
Appreciation Week with your tutors this year, October 3-9
( I hope some of you had
some fun recognizing your tutors last week.  Feel like sharing? if so,
please tell us about it!
If you have pictures to be posted, please create a new message to me only
(do not reply or it goes to everyone) at [log in to unmask] so I can post
them for all to see.  


3) There are several of us working at gathering and putting up some
comments, stories, and pictures for Gladys Shaw's memorial service at CASP
in Texas later this month (as listed as the memorial service in LSCHE at If you have any,
please send them to me so we don't miss them.


Many thanks.

Rick Sheets

ITTPC Coordinator

LSCHE Webmaster


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