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I am very interested in the recording options of the new choice whether that be Adobe Connect, BBB, WebEx, etc or staying with Elluminate/Blackboard. I was under the impression from the vendor meeting a few weeks ago that Elluminate/Blackboard could currently provide a variety of recording file types (.avi, .mp4, .flv, .wmv, etc) with their Elluminate/BB Publish! software. However, this week I converted my first recording to an .avi file only to learn that Publish! doesn’t include the webcam video in these file types only the audio, whiteboard, chat box, and any application sharing (although I didn’t have any desktop sharing to check the conversion process with this particular recording). It does capture the webcam video in the linked recording (.vcr) and in the unplugged/offline recording (.jar) but those are not easily editable formats. Elluminate Tech Support suggested that I play the .vcr recording and capture the information with Camtasia and then convert to the file type of my choice from the Camtasia file.


This is all way more work than I was expecting with Publish! and I was wondering if any of the other vendors had simpler processes. Does anyone know?





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