We’re growing!

We have posted a position for an online course coordinator on the UF job website.  Please forward this to those who you feel may be interested. 

http://jobs.ufl.edu - 0809578 - EDUC MEDIA/COMMUNIC, CRD 1 

Susan O. White, M.Ed.
Director of Public Health Professional Education Programs

UF College of Public Health & Health Professions

Mail address:           PO Box 100182

                                           Gainesville, FL 32610-0182
Physical mailing address: 101 S. Newell Dr., HPNP Building, Room 4100
                                          Gainesville, FL 32611

Physical office location:  Dental Science Building, Ground Floor, Room DG-106
Phone: 352-273-5367
Fax:       352-273-6760