But that report omits, for some reason, Elluminate, Wimba and Centra which are Connect’s three closest competitors.



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Hi Ben and All,


Thanks for the follow-up. WebEx was the follow-up contender to Adobe Connect according to this report (attached and linked) that I stumbled upon while playing with my iPad over the w/e. (The report is on the Adobe website, of course.)






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I think the committee is now looking at Webex as well. There is a vendor presentation at 11AM next Tuesday. I suspect that means no decision will be reached by October, but cannot verify. 


We are having fun continuing to look at BBB. We will likely be deploying it for an external contract, giving us ample time to review and develop it over the next few months. I still think the ideal scenario for any system would be giving every user (yes, EVERY faculty/staff AND student) a meeting room, along with every course also having a meeting room. This would greatly reduce the administrative overhead associated with creating rooms, assigning users, granting permissions, etc. 


The Adobe Connect rep brought up this scenario as a joke, and I said I thought it was the perfect solution. But he laughed and said we couldn't afford it. 


BBB is easy, and if we can figure out the few remaining bugs that impact usability in the version 0.8 release, we will likely move to it in the COE. If one of the proprietary vendors is selected, it seems logical the licensing will be charged to individual programs, as has been the case with Elluminate. In that case, we only need to host and support the system internally, and can replace the cost of licensing with the cost of human development and support time. Naturally, this would be easier in an economy of scale that involved the larger university committee.  


We'll see, I suppose ;-)


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It is still under review.


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So any word on what product is being recommended by the search committee?






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