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A second, revised and expanded edition of the textbook Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek is now out at Cambridge University Press:
The 2nd edition has a new chapter on random network models, for example scale-free and small-world networks, and Monte Carlo simulation; discussion of multiple relations, islands, and matrix multiplication; new structural indices such as eigenvector centrality, degree distribution, and clustering coefficient; new visualization options that include circular layout for partitions, drawing a network geographically, as a 3D surface; using Unicode labels. This new edition includes instructions on exporting data from Pajek to R software. It offers updated descriptions and screen shots for working with Pajek version 2.05.
The Pajek version accompanying the book can be dowloaded from:
and all data sets, macro files, and R scripts used in the book are avaliable at the Pajek wiki, under Resources:
Kind regards,
Wouter de Nooy.
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