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Dear all,
My name is Prisca Benelli and I am a PhD candidate in International
Relations, focusing on forced migration and humanitarian assistance.

I am considering to do a research on the informal interactions of
humanitarian workers in a crisis context.
I want to see if the time spent together in bars after work has a
positive effect on the cooperation between different agencies.

I am thinking of exploring the interactions revolving around the
"bar*" run by the International Committee of the Red Cross in South

I am, however, new to social network analysis, and I am wondering if
you have any suggestion/idea on
a) relevant literature on similar topics (informal interactions,
possibly in bars, and work relationships);
b) recommendations, in general!

I would be very grateful for any lead and suggestion!

Thanks in advance,

Prisca Benelli

* Just for clarity, the ICRC does not run bars around the world. They
have, however, spaces opened to the humanitarian community in which
some of their employees volunteer and sell alchool, on a cost recovery

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