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I would like to share a paper (for your comments and feedback) 'Resolving an Attrition Crisis with Enterprise Social Network Analysis: A Case Study', presented at the International Conference on Innovation for Operational Excellence at Mittal Institute of Business Management, Mumbai in Oct 2011. This is the link to the full paper: Case Study - Resolving an Attrition Crisis with Enterprise Social Network Analysis.

A ten year old Information Technology SME was facing an attrition crisis. Regular approaches to stem attrition had proven ineffective. This case study illustrates how an Enterprise Social Network Analysis framework was used to analyse the attrition problem. The framework combined network centrality metrics relevant to attrition-specific information flows and Net Promoter Score as a measure of an employee’s satisfaction. The framework was used to identify key opinion leaders in the enterprise and the nature of their influence. Based on insights derived, a retention and morale improvement action plan was implemented and the attrition problem was quickly and successfully resolved.

I look forward to your comments and feedback on the same - and thoughts on any other approach or  specific (or more advanced) analysis that might have proven fruitful in this context. I do have the raw data to analyze afresh using any different model that you might suggest.

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