Date:   February 3, 2012

To:     All UF Graduate Students

Cc:     All UF Graduate Coordinators and Staff

From:   UF Career Resource Center

RE:     Starting February 13: Spring 2012 Careers Outside of Academia Workshops

The UF Career Resource Center (CRC) is hosting this Spring 2012 workshop series for graduate students:

"Graduate Students: Careers Outside of Academia"

How to best utilize your master's or Doctor of Philosophy degree in this job market may seem daunting. The UF Career Resource Center's workshop series can help you explore careers outside of academia, including industry, business, government and non-profit organizations, as well as aid you in learning how to translate your skills, job search and network into career success.

2/13/2012  4 p.m.  I'm a Grad Student, Get Me Outta Here!
2/15/2012  4 p.m.  Job Search Outside of Academic
2/20/2012  4 p.m.  Network and Interview for Jobs
2/22/2012  4 p.m.  Creating a Resume/CV and Applying for Jobs
2/27/2012  4 p.m.  Networking Roundtables

All workshops take place in the UF CRC Library, on the first floor of the J. Wayne Reitz Union on campus.

These workshops are not yet online, so be sure to attend them in person.

For more information, log on to Gator CareerLink at, click on "Events" and select "Workshops."

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