Date:   February 27, 2012

To:     All UF Graduate Students

Cc:     All UF Graduate Coordinators and Staff

From:   UF Career Resource Center and I-Cubed (Innovation through Institutional Integration) Program

RE:     Today: UF CRC Roundtable for Graduate Students: "Careers Outside Academia"

CRC Networking Roundtable for Master's and PhD students interested in Careers outside Academia.
When: February 27th
Time: From 4:00 - 5:30PM
Where: Career Resource Center Library

Presented in collaboration with I-Cubed Program, learn how other Master's and PhDs have put their education to use to work outside of academia. Students will also have the opportunity to speak with employers who recruit graduate students. These informal networking roundtables will allow students to speak with and learn from a number of individuals in a variety of fields. You can see the brief bios of this year's participants below:

Danyell S. Wilson, PhD
Dr. Wilson is a Biochemist with 9 years of laboratory experience working in the fields of biochemistry, nanotechnology, polymer science, and electrophysiology. She currently works at the Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute and her research topic and interest has expanded to Chemoprevention. She obtained her Bachelor's degree majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Anthropology from Lincoln University, the 1st historically Black College and University. She then went on to obtain her Masters and PhD from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.

Mike Popp, PhD
Dr. Popp has a PhD in forestry from UF, and formal training in forestry, plant physiology, entomology and molecular biology. He has held numerous positions outside of academia, and since 2008 has been at RTI Biologics in Alachua. Dr. Popp has held positions as Patent Specialist, Risk & Compliance Coordinator and now as the Manager of Applied Research.

Adrian Duehl, PhD
Dr. Duelh is currently a post-doctoral researcher with the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Center for medical agricultural and veterinary entomology he examines how insects use chemical cues to find each other and hosts. His Master's in Forestry focused on field ecology and he received his PhD in entomology and forestry from North Carolina State University.

Allison Costello, MS
Allison is a Bat Biologist and Project Manager for Norandeau Associates, a local environmental consulting company. She holds a Master's degree in biology from the University of Western Ontario, where she specialized in bat bioacoustics related to foraging habitat composition.

Brandi L. Pritchett-Johnson, Ph.D.
Dr. Pritchett-Johnson has a PhD in counseling psychology from Western Michigan University. In addition to her role as a Clinical Assistant Professor and ASPIRE Coordinator for UF's Counseling and Wellness Center, she is also the Executive Director for a community based organization, Future 4 Teens. A non-profit where youth gain support and resources needed to strive for excellence and acquire success focused on the emotional, psychological, and educational needs of youth populations.

Central Intelligence Agency employs specialists in a variety of fields at both the Master's and PhD level. View some of the career fields before speaking with an agency representative.

Peace Corps is not just for volunteers. Volunteers are supported by a staff of professional employees who work at the agency's headquarters in Washington, D.C., at 9 regional recruiting offices, and at overseas offices throughout the world.

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare delivers a range of individualized, clinical and supportive social services designed to facilitate recovery and resilience utilizing evidence-based practices such as individual, family, and group therapy and psychoeducation, motivational interviewing, psychosocial rehabilitation, family support, supported housing and employment, and psychopharmacology.