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The first and most important point in this message is to offer grateful
thanks to Ian McCulloch and Andrej Mrvar, whose advice has led to what is,
in retrospect, an entirely predictable explanation of my problem. My bust.

The tale begins when I realized that in setting up the networks for my
project I had set up the edge list in ads (rows=events)-creators
(columns=actors) order, reversing the standard convention by which
rows=actors and columns=events. Thinking to minimize confusion, I decided
to recreate the networks in creator-ad order. This, in itself, is an almost
trivial task. Generating a new network by exporting data from Filemaker and
using Text2Pajek to convert the edge list into file takes only
minutes. But as the proverb says, "Haste is the devil's work." I failed to
check to be sure that the vertices in the edge list were sorted in the
proper order to match my attribute partitions, sailing blindly ahead and
creating six networks, all with the same flaw.

Thanks, however, to Ian and Andrej, I have not only found the mistake, I
have also learned some useful new things about debugging a problem like
this and discovered a way to extract more information from my data.

As my Japanese colleagues would say, *Mendo wo kakechatta, sumimasen *(Sorry
for making all this fuss), *arigato gozaimasu *(Thank you very much).


John McCreery
The Word Works, Ltd., Yokohama, JAPAN
Tel. +81-45-314-9324
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