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Call for Papers - XIII Italian Workshop of Organization Studies 2012



Venue: School of Economics, The University of Verona, Italy 
Conference dates: Monday May 28 - Tuesday May 29, 2012 

Track Description: 

The environment in which organizations behave and perform is widely
characterized by turbulence and uncertainty. In light of increasing
competition, technical complexity, and institutional instability, firms are
urged to actively seek performance throughout innovation. 

Especially in high tech industries, the survival and growth of organizations
is nowadays strongly related to their creative and innovative capabilities.
Extant literature suggests that innovation is constituted by complex
organizational processes, and that collaborative networks between people and
organizations are of quintessential importance for innovativeness. Despite
the ample debate and empirical evidence provided in this field, this topic
is yet far from fully explored.

Although primarily addressed to scholars working in the field of innovation,
the track will be a significant forum also for SNA researchers. The track
welcomes papers (work in progress as well as research ready to be published)
that address issues related, without being limited, to the following areas:

.    The role of collaborative networks for ideation and creativity

.    Interpersonal/interorganizational networks and innovation

.    Industry-academia interaction and innovation 

.    Social capital and its impact on innovative performance

.    The role of networks in individual and collective learning

.    Dynamics of co-authorship (patents and publications) in R&D contexts

.    Spatial clustering of ideas and innovation  

.    Managing distributed- and networked innovation

.    Open innovation and online communities

.    The interplay between collaboration and competition in innovation

.    Temporary forms of organizing (PBOs, project ecologies, etc.)

.    Product modularity, interorganizational relations and innovation

.    Network forms of organization and service innovation


Full descriptions of the sessions are available at the Conference website:

If you want more information about any of these sessions, please contact
Daniele Mascia ([log in to unmask]).






XIII Italian Workshop of Organization Studies

University of Verona - School of Economics

May 28-29, 2012

TRACK 3 - Organizing ideation, creativity and innovation: The role of social


Deadline for submissions (full papers only): February 15th, 2012





Daniele Mascia, PhD

Assistant Professor

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Largo F. Vito 1 - 00169 Rome (Italy)

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