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Dear Barry,

On 01/23/2012 02:33 PM, Barry Wellman wrote:
> When I was a kid, I wanted a secret decoder ring.
A shared wish, that is!
> I feel the same way when people post calls for papers and conferences
> defined only by acronyms.
> If you really want participation from the readers of your message, I
> suggest you make the effort to spell out at least once what the
> acronym stands for.
You're perfectly right and I would like to apologize for that. I think
part of the problem is that plenty of communities currently jump on the
social networking topic, without really knowing each other (and in our
case: knowing much too little about your community, who has been working
on the topic much longer than anybody else, for that matter).
We hope to slowly catch up with you (and we're currently in the process
of it), and we're trying to get to know the other communities, as well.

I forgot about the fact that for your community ICCCN and SSS of course
aren't well known venues, which they are (to some extent) in the
computer sciences. Let me make up for that, the ICCCN is the (21st)
International Conference on Computer Communication Networks (where I'm
organizing a track on complex network analysis and the questions, how
online social networking services like facebook, google+, etc., can be
built efficiently. The SSS is the 14th International Symposium on
Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems, and here
we're organizing a track how these latter services can be made reliable
and secure (as in both "privacy preserving" as well as "secure against
external attacks").

> Otherwise, it sounds like a secret club -- despite the call for papers
> -- to which we don't have the decoder rings.
Not secret at all, au contraire, we'd be happy to get you into our
events as well to learn from your expertise (which is why I posted the
CfPs here in the first place)!

Sorry again and thanks a lot for the wakeup call,

all the best,


Thorsten Strufe                    Networks and Distributed Systems
TU Darmstadt              

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