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Subject: Unpaid Internships Available at St. Johns River Water Management District, Spring 2012 term

The St. Johns River Water Management District is offering the Unpaid Internships described below for the Spring 2012 term: Monday, January 17th through Friday, April 20th. Students will be able to work up to 20 hours per week. Students will be assigned to a mentor who will provide training and instruction.

Interested students may apply online at If you have any questions please feel free to email or phone me at (386) 329-4282.

The following opportunities are available for junior, senior, graduate or doctoral level as indicated.

Division: Finance & Administration
Location: Palatka

Job Summary: Assist contract staff in preparation of formal procurements. Assist with preparation and quality assurance of procurements, statement of work preparation, CIS software input, auditing, quoting, and maintenance of electronic procurement files
Preferred Grade Level: Junior

Division:  Water Resources
Location: Palatka

Job Summary: Provide support to Minimum Flow Levels (MFL) Program by assisting with field work, data entry and data analysis.
Duties Include: Assist MFLs staff with field data collections for the determination of MFLs; assist with data entry regarding the MFLs database development and query existing MFLs data sources; and assist staff by reducing data, calculating descriptive statistics for vegetation communities, and generating data summaries and report graphics associated with MFLs determinations.
Preferred Grade Level: Junior, Senior or Graduate

Job Summary: Assist environmental science team with various environmental data collection events along the St. Johns River, intracoastal waterways, tributaries to the St. Johns River and other water bodies within the District. Assigned duties will include surface water quality data collection and preservation, recording of data in field notebooks; calibration, use of, and post verification of electronic meters, the construction of field kits, and demobilization after field events; and biological sampling for fisheries, submerged aquatic vegetation, invertebrates, wetland vegetation surveys, and wildlife surveys.
Additional Details: This position is working side by side with the environmental scientists.  90 plus percent of the time will be outdoors in the environment, working from boats and trucks. Applicant should be able to perform under harsh environmental conditions, including  heat and cold, distressing environmental conditions, and also  be able  to  lift at least 10 lbs from surface waters. Must be able to swim.
Preferred Grade Level: Junior or Senior

Job Summary: Assist Hydrologists in organizing or creating spatial data for the development of numerical groundwater flow models.
Additional Details: Students should have a working level knowledge of GIS and some insight into numerical groundwater flow models, specifically associated with the USGS MODFLOW code. Also coursework or experience in statistical methods for analyzing time-series data would be a plus.
Preferred Grade Level: Senior, Graduate or Doctoral

Job Summary: Hydrology Assistant: Work with Engineering staff to achieve hydrologic time series data and supporting materials. Intern will be trained to use data access and storage tools.
Additional Details: Applicant should have good computer skills especially Excel, and basic understanding of hydraulics
Preferred Grade Level: Junior or Senior

Location: Mount Dora/Lake Apopka

Job Summary: Assist with the operation of projects in the Apopka and Upper Ocklawaha River (UOR) Basins: Field maintenance of the Apopka Marsh Flow-way project, and other projects in the Apopka and UOR basins. Check Excel spreadsheets to insure proper operation of projects.
Additional Details: Field work requires the ability to work outside in adverse weather and requires the ability to lift 20 pounds. Knowledge of Excel is a plus.
Preferred Grade Level: Junior or Senior