Had to snicker a bit when I read this story- 

I recall a rather heated discussion we had here about a year ago about
employees perceived "rights and NEED" to access social media and how
policies against its use (at all) or designed to control how it was used
were archaic and contrary to productivity and enhanced collaboration.

Now, with all of the lawsuits being filed surrounding misuse- due to the
allowed use of these sites/services- legal advisers are counseling
organizations about the need to adopt strict and clear policies and
practices about how (or if) social media should be used within organizations.

Obviously, there is a need to strike a balance and consider if there MAY BE
benefits that outweigh the risks, but it's also apparent that unchecked and
unfettered use of these services goes contrary to sound business practices.  

And it appears that this may be true whether it is in an Intranet or
Internet setting. Organizations with internal versions of "facebook like"
social media sites are seeing problems related to the free exchange of
information and a lack of their ability to control it properly. Posts made
that are subsequently taken down by the poster have posed some problems, and
seemingly, employees who are accustomed to rampant sharing and quick witted
posts on external sites have a desire to act similarly on internal sites and
the level of acceptance isn't quite as high to the "LOL factor" of some

So much for Pandora's Box 2.0

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