Excellent New Year reading.  I read it all through to the end as a  
refresher course.
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To all  here is the Welcome to the List message which contains information
on how  to manage your subscription as well as how to play well together in
our  little virtual sandbox.

Welcome to RECMGMT-L the email list for all  things related to records
management, paper or electronic

As  a new subscriber there are just a few simple things you need to know
about  the list. This list is for all topics related to records management
and  related issues. BUT there are and will continue to be messages that are
not  about records management. This is part of the list's culture. The list
has  been in existence since the early 1990s. Don't ask which BBQ is  
we've discussed that.

1. Who owns and operates this  thing? Well the owner is Susan McKinney and
her able assistants are Marc  Wolfe and Peter Kurilecz aka the listadmins.
The list is hosted on the  University of Florida's servers which is why the
list address domain is  @LISTS.UFL.EDU Collectively known as the Management

2.  Introduction – please introduce yourself to the other subscribers in
your  first posting to the list. There are over 2500 subscribers from around
the  world and they would like to know a little bit about you. Who you  are,
where are you from, what type of work you do.

3.  Signature block – we humbly request that you use a signature block  when
posting messages. This block should contain your name, email address  and
physical location ie city and state/province/country.

4.  Commercial Messages – are verboten/forbidden unless it is of a  short
informational nature related to list content. IF in doubt contact  the
management at [log in to unmask]

5. Tone –  This list maintains a civil tone and we treat each other like  
professionals we are. Legitimate and passionate disagreements may  occur,
but “flames” are not allowed.

6. How to post a  message – always use a good subject line, if you are
asking a question tell  the list what sort of research you've done. Be clear
and concise with your  question. Don't assume that everyone will understand
what you mean. Be  patient. Replies don't come immediately. Friday afternoon
is not a good  time to post a new question, people are off, headed out the
door for the  weekend. Be patient. Post your message using this email
address  [log in to unmask]

7. Replying to a message – the listserv  is set up such that replies go back
to the list and not to the individual  who sent the message. If you want to
send a private reply you will need to  copy and paste the individual's email
address in the To line and delete the  listserv address. Modify the subject
line to include private reply at the  beginning of the subject line so the
individual will know it is not from  the list. Now if you want your reply to
go to the entire list all you need  do is hit the reply button in your email
client. Add your response and then  hit send. BUT! Remember to delete out
the previous  message.

8. Deleting out previous messages - there is no reason  to retain previous
messages when replying. All messages to the list are  maintained in the
list. Besides retaining previous messages greatly  increases the size of the

9. Digest - too many  messages driving you crazy, your inbox flooded with
listserv messages? Then  you need to get the digest version. This contains
all the previous day's  messages in one message delivered the following day.
So how do you get  it?

10. Managing your subscription – going on vacation and want  to stop
receiving messages, want to get the digest or want to unsubscribe?  All can
be easily done by you. There are two ways. First involves going to  the
listserv archives located  at click on the Join  or
Leave the Listserv button. This will take you to
another page where  you can change your subscription your email address,
your name or whatever.  Just remember to click the Update button. You will
then receive a message  from the listserv asking you to confirm the changes.
Just click on the  link. Or you can do it via email. The commands you send
must be from the  email address that you receive messages at. Commands are
sent in an email  with a blank/empty subject line to
[log in to unmask] the body of the  message put one of the
following commands

To Stop receiving messages  when on vacation


To Start receiving  individual messages


To get the Digest  version


To unsubscribe from the  list


(replace asterix with appropriate  vowel before sending command to the list)

in all cases you will  receive a message in return asking you to confirm the
request just click on  the link

11. PROBLEMS – everyone occasionally has problems with  their subscription,
you will too at some point in time. All you need do is  send an email to
[log in to unmask] and the management will  work to solve your
problem. If you received an error message from the list  please forward that
to that same address. That error message helps greatly  in problem solving

Peter Kurilecz CRM  CA
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Richmond,  Va
Information  not relevant for my reply has been deleted to reduce the
electronic  footprint and to save the sanity of digest subscribers

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To unsubscribe from this  list, click the below link. If not already 
present, place UNSUBSCRIBE  RECMGMT-L or UNSUB RECMGMT-L in the body of the  
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List archives at
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