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Subject: EPA Releases Document on Energy Efficiency in Local Government Operations

EPA Releases Document on Energy Efficiency in Local Government Operations
EPA's State and Local Climate and Energy Program has released a final version of Energy Efficiency in Local Government Operations: A Guide to Developing and Implementing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs<> (PDF) (72 pp, 5.3 MB). This guide describes how local governments can lead by example and achieve multiple benefits by improving the energy efficiency of their new, existing, and renovated facilities and their day-to-day operations. It is designed to be used by facility managers, energy and environment staff, other local government agencies, and mayors and city councils.

Readers of the guide will come away with an understanding of options to improve the energy efficiency of municipal facilities and operations, and how to motivate the private sector and other stakeholders to follow suit. Readers will also understand the steps and considerations involved in developing and implementing these energy efficiency improvements, as well as an awareness of expected investment and funding opportunities.
This document is part of the Local Government Climate and Energy Strategy Series<>, which is designed to help policy makers and program staff plan, implement, and evaluate cost-effective climate and energy projects that generate economic, environmental, social, and human health benefits.

[]State and local officials interested in additional information about developing and implementing cost-effective climate and energy strategies that help further environmental goals and achieve public health and economic benefits may visit:

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