Date:   February 7, 2012

To:	  Deans, Graduate Associate Deans, Department Chairs, Graduate Coordinators and Staff 

From:	  Laurence B. Alexander, J.D., Ph.D.
	  Associate Dean
        UF Graduate School 

Re:     2012-2013 McKnight Doctoral Fellowship (MDF) Process 

The fellowship applications of those students who applied to UF are now available for your viewing online. We are now in that stage where we have identified an expanding applicant pool of URM students. You will need to log on to the Florida Educational Fund secure applicant web site at Log on information will be hand-delivered to graduate coordinators. 

After reviewing the files for your unit, we will need to hear from you by February 24, 2012 with a decision as to whether you plan to admit the applicant(s) to your Ph.D. program. Please contact the Office of Graduate Minority Programs at [log in to unmask] or (352) 392-6444 to provide us with this information. Those MDF applicants who are admitted to your program will be forwarded to FEF to compete for the fellowships with students from other doctoral programs statewide.  A selection committee will be convened later this spring by the Florida Education Fund for this purpose. Once the selections are made we will notify the academic units. There is no need, however, to wait to hear from us. I encourage you to make offers to qualified URMs based on your existing resources.

As you are aware, many of the URM students you would like to admit to your PhD programs will receive offers from outside the state. For UF to have a good shot at enrolling those who still want to come to UF, the academic unit will need to "seal the deal" by making timely (not waiting to hear from McKnight) and competitive offers. Please contact our office if we can assist in any way. 

Thank you for your cooperation.