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Radical Constructivism and Radical Constructedness: 
Luhmann's Sociology and the Non-linear Dynamics of Expectations

The communication (and reflexive translation) of denotations between
semantic domains can generate "horizons of meaning" as reflexive orders that
remain structurally coupled to individual minds. Luhmann noted that this
elusive order contains a trade-off between "organization" at interfaces
integrating (differently coded) expectations at each moment of time, and the
potential of further differentiation among symbolically generalized codes of
communication in a "self-organization" over time. One can model the coding
in the communication of meaning as eigenvectors which evolve as an
implication of the interacting intentions and expectations. The interacting
horizons of meaning generate new options (redundancy) against the arrow of
time, since meaning is provided to events from the perspective of hindsight.
Using the theory and computation of anticipatory systems,
"self-organization" and "interaction" can be considered as hyper-incursive
routines that use (expectations of) future states for their reconstruction,
whereas "organization" operates in terms of instantiations (of
expectations). Mathematical metaphors can guide us in further exploring the
nonlinear dynamics of a social order of intentions and expectations without

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