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Dear Gentlemen:

At present I am a professor of the industrial engineering program me of my university located in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, South America. I am in charge of teaching a subject called cleaner production and life cycle assessment (environmental life cycle assessment, E-LCA; ISO 14040 is the standardized protocol to carry out E_LCA studies).

Now, in my Ph studies, I am researching on the social life cycle assessment of products and I have the following concerns that I will very grateful to you to help me, if you do not respond these concerns, I will understand it because I know you are a very busy person.

A social and socio-economic life cycle assessment (S-LCA) is a social impact (and potential impact) assessment technique  that aims to assess the social and socio-economic aspects of products and their potential positive and negative impacts along their life cycle (supply chain including the use and phase disposal), then encompassing extraction and processing of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, use, reuse, maintenance, recycling and final disposal.

Assuming that the goal of social life cycle assessment is to assess damage and benefits on human well being of stakeholders as accurately as possible, it follows that the impact pathways, describing de CAUSE-EFFECT RELANTIONSHIPS between an impact category (Impact Categories are logical groupings of S-LCA results, related to social issues of interest to stakeholders and decision makers) and this area of protection called well-being (some experts recommend as impacts categories these ones: human rights, working conditions, health and safety, governance and socio.economic repercussions) should have a consistent theoretical foundation so the inventory results (measurements of this impact categories at firm or product level)  can be associated with a predictable damage or benefit to well-being.

Is there any possibility that you help me to recommend me a specific tool or methodology or approach to assess if an impact category can validly assess impacts on well being, more specifically, for assessing the validity of impact pathways for a specific impact category and well being in S-LCA.

At present I am interested in researching the impact pathways of working conditions to well-being, in other words I am researching to prove if there is a CAUSAL-EFFECT RELATIONSHIPS  between working conditions and well being passing  taking into account impact pathways that link working conditions and well being.

Really for me it has not been easy the finding of these impact pathways so I need a type of specific methodological approach that helps me in this social research.

 I am sure that your support could give some lights to solve this problem.

Receive in advance my thanks for your support.

Do not hesitate to contact me if I might help you.

Best regards,

Jairo Raúl Chacón Vargas
Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería

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