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The Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis and the Morgan Centre for the study of relationships and personal life, University of Manchester, UK, are organising a two days workshop on social capital, egonetworks and mixed methods.

The workshop will take place the 22nd and 23rd of February 2012. The first day is free of charge, while the second has a fee of 90.
Students can chose to attend one day or the other, or both of them.

You can find more information and booking forms at
for the 22nd of february, and at

for the 23rd of february

Please be aware that if you want to attend both days you need to book them separately at the two above links

Workshop summary 

For the 22nd of february

The workshop focuses on the use of mixed-methods research design when studying ego-centred social networks. The workshop will be conducted in two parts. The first part introduces social network qualitative research and the principles of mixed methods research designs and its contributions to the study of social networks, pointing out advantages and challenges of this approach. Illustrations of the theoretical and methodological aspects are given by bringing examples from a variety of fields of research. The second part is devoted to the presentation of concrete procedure to apply mixed methods in network research both at the level of data collection and analysis. This part includes an introduction of different graphical instruments to collect network data for ego centred networks and their strong and weak points, quantitative and qualitative dimensions of network relationships and the analysis of ego networks in a mixed methods perspective.


Betina Hollstein, University of Hamburg

For the 23rd of february

Course Summary

This is an introductory course, covering the research design, data collection and data analysis techniques of ego-centred social networks. It will focus on basic network techniques for studying social capital, from centrality to egocentric measures.

Course Requirements

The course is intended for people with basic knowledge of social network analysis, although the essential concepts will be covered during the workshop. Students can choose to follow only this workshop (90), or to link it to the previous day workshop on Mixed Methods Research Designs for Ego-centred Social Networks (free of charge).

Elisa Bellotti, University of Manchester

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