The guidelines in the book are very thorough and I would definitely look to
modify the RFI/RFQ in the book.

In addition:
   .  Work closely with your Purchasing Department (whoever is preparing the
RFI/RFQ) as the book has major RM jargon.
   .  When you receive the replies to your RFI/RFQ look very closely to the
responses to insure they have answered all the questions ... blanks and
ambiguous answers should raise a red flag.  
   .  Don't take vague answers,  "I'll have to get back to you" answers.
Make sure the answers are in writing.

Robert W Dalton, CRM
Dalton Consulting
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> Taking a page from how we assess third party IT vendors... I think you 
> should put together a list of "control standards" that you feel are 
> critical for a reputable vendor to have. You can probably pull some 
> baselines from ARMA publications

you should obtain a copy of the Guideline for Evaluating Offsite Records
Storage Faciliites from the ARMA bookstore

"This guideline is a practical tool for organizations to use to evaluate
their storage needs, determine whether their business practices make
outsourcing the best decision, and assess the ability of vendors to meet
storage requirements.  It includes checklists for records security and
protection, service levels, contract terms, and cost comparisons. It will
facilitate the user's development of:

   - A customer profile
   - A request for information (RFI) process
   - A request for quote (RFQ) process

Purchasers get free online access to a form-enabled, editable Microsoft Word
version of the checklists they may customize and distribute as their RFI or
RFQ for vendors to complete and return."
Peter Kurilecz CRM CA

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