Borrow a box or two, and do a field exercise. Then you will know exactly how 
much of _your_ records will fit in the box of the type _you_ will use, with 
_your_ packing habits! An you can measure the processing time as well.

With my best wishes,

  I have found such things as:  1 box = 1.24 lf; 1 lf = 24 hours 
person-hours, etc.  However, actual details behind these calculations have 
been difficult to find.  For instance, do the 24 hours include 
pre-processing and final processing?  Or does it apply to each instance of 
working through a box?

  Needless to say, if there was a book out there that explained all of this, 
it would be a big help.  Does anyone know such a book?  Or a pamphlet?  If 
not, would someone be willing to correspond off list serve?  I have a lot of 
information, but I need to verify the accuracy.  Any help would be greatly 


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