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Dear all,

just in time for the tutorial workshop at Sunbelt XXXII, we have released
version 2.6.5 of visone, a free and platform-independent software for the
analysis and visualization of social networks.  (Should you be interested
in the workshop, note that registration closes on Monday.)

Download or webstart visone from

New features include hierarchical clustering based on lambda sets and
edge betweennes, and the mapping of attributes to polar coordinates.

Other unique features include:

* a comprehensive suite of layout algorithms,
  including centrality and status layouts and
  the most advanced facilities for dynamic layout
* an integrated graphical interface to RSiena
* an integrated R console 
* an interface to KNIME, a data mining workflow tool
* more efficient implementations for many analytic routines
* advanced attribute management, including dyad attributes
* explicit handling of unconfirmed ties

For some reference visualizations, see our recent article on citation
patterns in social network research in the Journal of Social Structure:

(note that networks of this size do require sufficient main memory).



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