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The Call for Papers is now up for:  Intelligent Future Internet of
Things (IFIoT-2012), please consider submitting.
 Deadline is approaching *March 25*, 2012.


The INCoS 2012 proceedings will be published by IEEE Conference
Publishing Service in the form of CD-ROM with ISBN, and will be
accessible on-line. All accepted submissions including IFIoT workshop
papers will be included in the proceedings of the conference.

[Call for Papers]

First International Workshop on
Intelligent Future Internet of Things (IFIoT-2012)

in conjunction with the
4th IEEE International Conference on INTELLIGENT NETWORKING
September 19-21, 2012, Bucharest, Romania
Aims and Scope
	The first International Workshop on Intelligent Future Internet of
Things (IFIoT-2012) is dedicated to the dissemination of completed or
work in progress original contributions that are related to the
theories, practices and concepts of the emerging intelligent future
Internet and specifically, the Intelligent Future Internet of Things
(IF-IoT). During the last years, IoT has emerged as one of the most
important paradigms with regards of the future state of Internet. Its
importance is described in terms of providing a different lens on how
to link data and hardware resources as well as services that can be
available from the Internet; these further focus on how to link the
Internet with real world’s objects. As such the IoT paradigm
postulates that any object that is identified with a unique identifier
will be considered as a smart object able to be interconnected. Those
objects can be transformed in ways that they can be understood better
by reacting to and with their environment in a more advanced and
meaningful manner. On this basis, future Internet and IoT deals with
integrating and enabling several technologies and communication
protocols including but not limited to wired and wireless
communications, networking, tracking technologies, localization,
sensors and next generation Internet. Although being a very promising
area, future Internet and IoT pose several challenges including but
not limited to modeling and implementation issues such as
architectures, interoperability, middleware, and so on.
	IFIoT-2012 scope is to discuss these issues as well as to highlight
that such interconnection will lead to several implications including
storage and processing challenges as well as resources utilization
leading to a more intelligent future internet for the benefit of users
and enterprises. With this in mind, IFIoT-2012 aims to provide a forum
for original discussion and prompt future directions in the emerging
	The main topic areas include, but are not limited to:
			o    Internet of Things, Architecture, Components, RFID, Sensors
and Actuator Technologies
			o    Inter-networking and Radio Access Protocols, Technologies,
Near Field Communications
			o    Inter-operability and Inter-cooperative Protocols, Standards
and Technologies
			o    Artificial Intelligence, Classifier, Self-adaptive Ant Colony,
Swarm and Evolutionary Agents
			o    Data/Text Mining, Data Clustering, Data Graphs and Visualization
			o    Social Networks for Things, Social Graphs of Things, Link
Analysis, Web of Things, Topic Maps
			o    Ad-Hoc Networks, RF Modelling, Digital Object and Context
Representation and Preservation
			o    Meta-Data, Annotation, Ontologies, Tagging, Semantic Web, Web
Services, Multi-Agents
			o    Service Architectures, Discovery, Retrieval, Scheduling,
Allocation, Monitoring
			o    Enabling Computational Technologies (Clusters, Grids, P2P, Cloud, etc)
			o    Data Centres, Real-time and (Historical) Data Management, Big Data
			o    Data Visualization and Integration Paradigms, Linked Open
(Object) Data, Cloud Diagrams
			o    Crowd Sourcing, Crowd Dynamics, Crowd Source Data Modelling,
Management and Analysis
			o    Context-Aware Infrastructures and Services, Smart Objects,
Positioning Location-Based Services
			o    Security, Privacy, Identity, Trust and Reputation Management,
Collective Behaviour and Ethical Issues
			o    Applications, Services and Business Models, Strategies,
Interaction Paradigms
			o    Middleware, Languages, Components, Programs and Portals
			o    Performance, Scalability, Robustness, Reliability
Verification, Validation, Benchmarking
			o    Concepts and/or Frameworks of Applicable Future Technologies,
Implications and Trends
	Submitted papers must be original and not submitted for publication
elsewhere. Authors are invited to submit their 4 to 6 pages long
manuscripts (with up to 5 keywords) following the IEEE 8.5 two-column
format. You can find instructions to format the Proceedings
Manuscript, at the following web page:
	Full submission guidelines are available from:
	To submit, you must follow the instructions, and select the
IFIoT-2012 workshop among the options. All papers will be peer
reviewed by at least two or more independent referees of the
IFIoT-2012 Workshop programme committee and accepted on the basis of
their scientific merit, originality, significance, technical
soundness, and clarity of exposition.
	Presented papers at IEEE IFIoT-2012 international workshop will be
considered for publication in a book volume or in a Special Issue in a
refereed International Journal.
	The INCoS 2012 proceedings will be published by IEEE Conference
Publishing Service in the form of CD-ROM with ISBN, and will be
accessible on-line. All accepted submissions including IFIoT workshop
papers will be included in the proceedings of the conference. All
accepted papers must be accompanied by a full paid registration by at
least one of the authors in order to be included in the proceedings.
	Important Dates
	Submission Deadline:             March 25, 2012
	Notification of acceptance:         April 30, 2012
	Camera-Ready Submission:         May 15, 2012
	Registration:                 May 15, 2012
	Workshop and INCoS main Conference:     September 19 - 21, 2012

Organizing Committee
	Workshop Co-chairs:
	Nik Bessis, University of Derby, UK
	[log in to unmask]
	Asta Zelenkauskaite, Indiana University, US
	[log in to unmask]

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