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Dear Socnetters,

I am interested in the role of social media & social networking sites in 
civic activism (rather than in electoral politics, though the border is 
admittedly fluid). I try to figure out how social media  such as 
Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are being used by social movements, 
protests and contentious action around the globe.

A while ago I asked the list members to send me references concerning 
this topic and promised to publish the results of my inquiry through 
this list. I got very few replies but compiled a list of references 
anyhow. You will find it at the following address:

When browsing through the list please note:
- The list is by no means complete and may also contain ‘irrelevant’ 
- I haven’t had time to check the correctness/ completeness of the 
references or links
- The list may also contain non-scientific journals

I hope that it will be of use to someone... Greetings to all socnetters 
from sunny Helsinki!

with best regards (and my warmest thanks to those who replied)

Markku Lonkila

Adjunct Professor
Department of Social Sciences
University of Helsinki

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