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The Centre for Business Networks Analysis of the University of Greenwich is pleased to host a seminar by Prof. Tom A.B. Snijders, University of Oxford/Groningen.


Dynamics of multiple networks


Most of network analysis focuses on single (univariate) networks, but social actors evidently are embedded in multiple relevant networks, and it is worthwhile to study these jointly. The analysis of multiple (multivariate) networks opens up new possibilities for dissecting dynamics of networks. Some examples of questions that one might pose, in a study of a network of friendship and advice: is reciprocity in advice mediated by friendship? Are those actors who are very active with respect to friendship also active with respect to advice giving and asking, or are they less active in this other domain? These two questions illustrate that the multilevel nature of networks becomes more apparent and potentially more fruitful in multiple than in single networks: the dyad level and the actor level will play totally different roles in theory as well as in empirically observed networks.

Actor-oriented models and methods for dynamics of multiple networks will be presented, and in an empirical analysis they will be combined with stochastic blockmodels. The empirical analysis is of a longitudinal data set of a multiple network of friendship, advice, and communication, studied by Vanina Torḷ and Alessandro Lomi. Blockmodeling allows the representation of a third level: subgroups in the network. The combination of actor-oriented dynamic network models with blockmodeling is perhaps not so usual and not so seamless, but it is interesting nevertheless.


Friday, 23rd March 2012




University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College Campus

Queen Anne Court, Room QA075


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