Greetings GARC! Officer elections are coming up, and before voting occurs I
would like to make sure everyone has the opportunity to nominate members
for any positions they would like to serve in.  The current positions
available, and the nominations we have so far are listed below.  Our BEC
Co-representative is graduating, so we are looking for someone to volunteer
to fill this position. It doesn't require much to serve in this position,
but it is important that we find someone we can name as our representative.

*REMEMBER - Serving as a club officer is an excellent resume builder and
looks good on applications to jobs, grants, and graduate schools. Serving
an elected position will not require much work on your part, and the return
on your time could be significant! Even if you haven't served as a club
officer before, considering nominating yourself for a position today! The
club could use your assistance, and you will certainly benefit from the

President - Scott Harden
Vice President - Jorge Bartra
Treasurer - *AVAILABLE *(previously manned by Dante Buckley who would
rather not serve again this year)
Secretary - Ben Crockett
BEC Co-Rep - *AVAILABLE *(previously manned by Matt Fieldman who is

*To nominate yourself or somebody else for a position, please E-Mail your
nomination to the faculty adviser Dr. Jay Garlitz, [log in to unmask]*
Thank you! 73

Scott Harden, AJ4VD

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