DATE:    April 26, 2012

TO:        Graduate Deans, Chairs/Directors, Graduate Coordinators and Graduate Staff


FROM:  Kenneth J. Gerhardt, Graduate School

              Tobin Shorey, Office of the University Registrar


RE:          Graduate Certificates - Updated Information


Effective Spring Semester 2012, the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) will post Graduate Council approved Certificates to the student’s transcript and order a certificate for the student.  Graduate Certificates will no longer be signed by the Graduate School Dean. A list of currently approved Graduate Certificates has been circulated to the Colleges, and can be found on the Graduate School website at


The final process for certifying completion of the requirements for a Certificate has not yet been completed. However, in the interim, the OUR will accept a memo from the college for each student eligible to receive a Certificate. The following steps are required:


1.       After verification of the requirements, the Academic Unit overseeing the Certificate will send a memo to their college degree certification coordinator with a) the complete name of the Certificate, b) the student’s full name, and c) the student’s UFID.  


2.       The college will verify completion of the requirements, sign and submit the memo to the OUR. Only requests for Certificates received by the OUR before May 8th will be accepted. 


3.       The OUR will post the name of the Certificate to the student’s transcript and order a certificate.


We will share information about updates to the process when it becomes available.


If there are any questions, please contact Tobey Shorey ([log in to unmask]).


Graduate School

University of Florida

POB 115500 (Website)