Dear all,

                The Graduate School is about to launch an electronic version of the special member appointment process to the supervisory committee. This is now available through GIMS.  The Graduate School invites you to participate in the beta-testing of the system before we roll it out to production in summer 2012. We propose the testing period to end on Friday, May 4. The standard paper process that you already follow to set up special member appointments is still operational. However, if you choose to speed up the process somewhat for your department, save some paper, and want to help us in testing the new system, please follow the steps outlined below:


Following are the steps to submit a special appointment form through GIMS:


1.       Log in to GIMS.

2.       Click on “Student Look-up” to bring up the student’s record and the correct degree segment.

3.       Click on the button that says “Graduate School Forms”.

4.       In the new window that opens, click on the button that says “Special Appointment Form”.

5.       Enter the special appointment nominee’s UFID and click the “Find” button. The nominee’s name and other information will be pulled up from the UF Directory and UF Human Resources.

6.       Type in the evaluative statement.

7.       Attach the curriculum vitae (if nominee is a first-time special appointment).

8.       Click the button “Submit and Print” – a new window/tab will open with a pdf version of the form you just entered. You must print the pdf and get the supervisory committee chair’s signature.

9.       When you receive the form back with the signature, repeat steps 1 to 4.

10.   The special appointment form that you had filled out earlier will appear.

11.   Select the supervisory committee chair’s approval or denial radio button at the bottom of the form.

12.   Click “Submit”. An automated email now goes to the Graduate School for processing. You will also see a “Submitted Date” at the top of the screen at this point.


Please note:

·         When the Graduate School processes the special appointment, you will receive an email notification.

·         If you choose to test the system, you do not have to submit the paper application to the Graduate School.


Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to your feedback at [log in to unmask] .


Thank you very much for your participation in the beta-testing,


Ms. Rimjhim Banerjee

Management Analysis Coordinator

Office of Data Management

Graduate School, University of Florida

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