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The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT:  There have been several recent posts regarding the 
evidently exemplary Finnish educational system on the discussion 
lists Physoc at <> and Math-Teach at 
<>. These threads were stimulated by, 
respectively, Al Bartlett's Physoc post "Education in Finland" at 
<> and Jerry Becker's Math-Teach post "What it 
takes to cross the Finnish line" at <>.

Is this just Yogi Berra's "deja vu all over again"? - see e.g., 
"Could the U.S. Put Finnishing Touches on K-12?" by Hake (2005b) at 
< >. 

Probably not, because material by evidently well-informed Finnish 
writers is cited by Becker: "Finnish Lessons: What Can the World 
Learn from Educational Change in Finland? by educator Pasi Sahlberg 
(2011) - see <> , and "What Americans 
Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success" by journalist Anu 
Partanen  (2011) at <>.

To access the complete 10 kB post please click on <>.

Richard Hake, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Indiana University
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"The story of Finland's extraordinary educational reforms is one that 
should inform policymakers and educators around the world."
          Linda Darling-Hammond, quoted at <>

"A terrific synthesis by a native Finn, a teacher, a researcher, and 
a policy analyst all rolled up into one excellent writer. Pasi 
Sahlberg teaches us a great deal about what we need to know before 
engaging in national educational reforms."
          David Berliner, quoted at <>

REFERENCES [All URL's shortened by <> and accessed on 
22 April 2012.]

Hake, R.R. 2012. "Finnishing Touches" online on the OPEN! AERA-L 
archives at  <>. Post of 22 Apr 2012 
11:28:54-0700 to AERA-L and Net-Gold. The abstract and link to the 
complete post are also being transmitted to several discussion lists 
and are on my blog "Hake'sEdStuff" at <> with a 
provision for comments.


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