WOW!!!! Where is this person working? That is not a fair evaluation of a
tutor's skills or effectiveness! No matter how 'good' a tutor (or
instructor for that matter) is, he/she cannot make a person learn. Each
student has to choose to learn the material and be successful for
themselves, NOT because of what a tutor does. The tutor's job is to provide
learning assistance and supplement classroom content work. I tell each
student, we do not guarantee an A or even if you will pass, that is up to
you. What I will guarantee is that my tutors are very well-trained in
learning assistance who will give you their undivided attention and as many
tools as you need to be academically successful - FOR FREE!

If one of my tutor's worked with 10 students who then failed, I would check
to see if the students had any academic warnings to begin with; when did
they first come for tutoring? were they so far behind the tutor could only
concentrate on helping them get caught up rather than real learning
assistance? I could list more, but I think you can understand what I mean.

So, as you can tell, I am very passionate about this issue....
Annette Mileski

On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 10:52 AM, Briggs, Dorothy A - (dabriggs) <
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> Several years ago I wrote an article for the CRLA Learning Assistance
> Center Management Special Interest Group newsletter about evaluating
> tutors.  It generated some discussion and sharing of ideas.
> Last week, at the Redrock Conference a woman asked for a TutorTrac report
> that showed student grade and tutor's name.  Someone in the group asked her
> why she needed such a report.  She replied that she wanted to use it to
> evaluate her tutors.  Kelly Corder, the CEO of Redrock, sagely commented
> that he was not aware of a correlation between student grades and tutor.
>  The woman responded with, "if the tutor met with 10 students and they all
> failed I'd want to look more closely at that tutor."
> That comment has been echoing in my mind for the last 4 days.  Because it
> is nearing the end of the semester for many of us, maybe it's time we begin
> a discussion of effective ways to evaluate tutors.  The discussion can
> benefit us all.  How do you evaluate your tutoring staff?  Have your
> methods changed over time?
> Thanks!
> Dorothy
> Dorothy  Briggs
> Certified Learning Center Professional-Level 3
> Director, THINK TANK
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