Hello Listers,

We evaluate our tutors both informally and formally throughout the year. 

I am fortunate to have a team of Graduate Assistants that help supervise the tutors during our evening hours. In our weekly meetings, we share out on how the tutors are doing (especially if it's a tutor we recently hired, or someone who is displaying some red-flag behavior). This allows us to monitor their development and offer additional support where needed.

In addition to the GAs, I also have a structured mentoring system where my Master tutors and Master tutors-in-training are assigned new tutor hires to mentor during their Regular Tutor Training. The Area Specialists and myself, in turn, mentor the Master tutors and Master tutors in training.

The mentors meet monthly with their mentees and exchange weekly emails. If the pair share a shift, they will also chat informally. 

As far as formal evaluation goes -- every tutor gets at least one evaluation per academic year. If they are pursuing (ITTPC) certification, they will have an evaluation after they complete their training, so it's possible they will have 2 evaluations in that academic year. The evaluation consists of a self evaluation that we discuss, a discussion of our observation of their tutoring, and an overall professional evaluation that incorporates tutoring practices as well as professionalism.

Although we do look at student grades when assessing our program as a whole, I do not look at grades when evaluating my tutors. Tutoring should be only a fraction of the student's study time, and as was pointed out earlier, the student is responsible for earning their grade.

This is a great conversation! I have enjoyed reading everybody's responses.


Laura Everett
Certified Learning Center Professional - Level 2
Tutoring Services Coordinator, the THINK TANK
The University of Arizona
 (520) 626-1923

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