I manage the one-to-one portion of our tutoring programs on campus. My 
program is decentralized. My tutors meet all over campus, wherever they can 
find a space. I would give anything for a centralized center.

Some of the problems that we have had include: I can't monitor my staff. Doing 
observations and evaluations is difficult. When they do peer observations they 
also have a hard time working it in because they can't just sit down nearby and 
watch. I can't have them just check in on a database and handle payroll that 
way. I have had at least one staff member lie about his hours. We are still on 
paper timesheets with the student initialling them because the students can't 
sign in on our database at a center when they arrive. If my tutors have a No 
Show or a Late Cancel, I can't give them something else to do. They can't even 
study for another tutoring session because they don't have the books with 
them. They can't very well carry various books all over campus in case a 
student cancels. I can't really require them to check their mailbox every day 
because the office isn't open late so they don't even have mailboxes.

All in all, I have found it very difficult to not have a center of our own.

Jennifer I. Fasy
Focused Tutoring Coordinator
Salt Lake Community College
Salt Lake City UT
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