Last week the American Association of Community Colleges released a report by the 21st-Century Commission on the Futures of Community Colleges which may be of interest to many of us that work in community college systems but also for all of higher education. The report outlines strategies to educate 5 million more students and award degrees, certificates, or other credentials by 2020. The initiative began by listening to community college stakeholders from across the United States. The report proceeds to outline where community colleges are now, what progress has been made, suggestions for redesigning the community college,identified essential elements in institutional transformation and recommendations for re-imaging the community colleges. Developmental education and the completion agenda are very much at the center of this bold report. Please take some time to read it and comment on this list serve. Share it with others who need to understand the challenges we all face in higher education. 

We have seen some policy work from state systems in the last few months that we should probably have opinions about and make comments on. If we do not speak up and enter into the conversations we have only ourselves to blame. On behalf of NADE I invite you into the conversation. I have found that for the last year people have been willing to listen to strategies that we know work and are open to assisting the developmental education professionals in providing research to support our needs. Silence is never answered and often seen as agreement. Please take this opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of this report so we can enter continue to be engaged in the dialogue.

I have provided the link below to the report:

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Teaching is only demonstrating that something is possible. 
Learning is making it possible for you. 
Paulo Coelho

We could learn a lot from crayons.
Some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull,
Some have weird names and all are different colors...
but they all exist very nicely in the same box.

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