Hello all:

Currently at the Rutgers-Camden Learning Center all tutoring takes  
place at our location and both students and tutors sign in as present  
at a front desk computer on our tailored version of Accutrack.

Due to space limitations there has been discussion on our campus to no  
longer have a centralized place where students and tutors meet.

I wanted to ask members if they could comment on what they see as the  
positives and negatives of decentralizing tutoring and allowing  
tutoring to happen at whatever location on campus or off campus the  
tutor and student agree.

If we were to implement this system I see a wide range of potential  
issues, but I would be curious to hear from members who do not have a  
tutoring center and how they handle these problems.  Additionally I  
would like to hear from Learning Center/Tutoring Center Directors who  
use a centralized tutoring location and whether they would willingly  
trade that for a decentralized system.

Rob Ciervo

Robert L. Ciervo, Ph.D., Director
Rutgers-Camden Learning Center
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Camden
231 Armitage Hall
Camden, NJ 08102
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