Hi All,

Our institution is entering another phase of developing a college-wide 
strategic plan.  In addition, I would like to create a 5 year strategic plan for 
the Learning Center.  

We are a two-year community college that has a large Liberal Arts/transfer 
student population and the Library and Learning Center work very closely 
togehter.  In essence, we are quite similar to an Informatoin Commons yet the 
Learning Center provides all the tutoring and academic support services for 
the college (except disability services).  Our student population is about 1500 
students and we are creating new services on campus and online all the time.

Would anyone like to share any recent strategic plans?  I'd just like to see 
what other institutions with similar services and campus size are envisioning 
for their departments considering increased student enrollment, changes in the 
academic needs of the student population, budget constraints and online 


Angela Nadeau,
Director, Learning Center
York County Community College
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