We use the following data to evaluate our tutors:
* Feedback from clients
* Observations from their Subject Area Supervisor
* Attendance
* Observations that I make

We are considering, but have not yet decided on adding the following additional data:
* Client persistence (in the course)
* Client success (grade)
* Client retention

There are clearly some disadvantages in using the additional data we are considering, and if we use it, we will need to provide a mechanism to safeguard tutors from being penalized for having a below average group of clients. We are considering commenting on the data if their clients show a significant difference from the mean for the course at the 90% confidence level.

Martin Golson
Director, Academic Support
Austin Peay State University

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Several years ago I wrote an article for the CRLA Learning Assistance Center Management Special Interest Group newsletter about evaluating tutors.  It generated some discussion and sharing of ideas.

Last week, at the Redrock Conference a woman asked for a TutorTrac report that showed student grade and tutor's name.  Someone in the group asked her why she needed such a report.  She replied that she wanted to use it to evaluate her tutors.  Kelly Corder, the CEO of Redrock, sagely commented that he was not aware of a correlation between student grades and tutor.  The woman responded with, "if the tutor met with 10 students and they all failed I'd want to look more closely at that tutor."

That comment has been echoing in my mind for the last 4 days.  Because it is nearing the end of the semester for many of us, maybe it's time we begin a discussion of effective ways to evaluate tutors.  The discussion can benefit us all.  How do you evaluate your tutoring staff?  Have your methods changed over time?


Dorothy  Briggs
Certified Learning Center Professional-Level 3 Director, THINK TANK

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