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*Free Webinar
**Transforming Teaching And Learning With Open Educational Resources (OER)
*Friday, May 11 ~ 1:00-2:30pm EDT
*Registration - *

*Overview:*  Accessible, adaptable, free, high-quality, empowering,
relevant — these attributes are routinely used to describe Open Educational
Resources (OER). OER are teaching and learning resources that are provided
to students and educators free of charge. While adoption of OER is actively
encouraged and increasingly widespread, practical steps for using them are
scarce. Some important questions that educators should be asking:

   - What are Open Educational Resources?
   - What evidence exists for encouraging claims about their use?
   - What practical steps can be taken to reap the presumed benefits of OER?

Participants will immediately be able to apply their improved understanding
of OER to better discover relevant OER, utilize OER for their own needs,
and consider how to work on OER-related initiatives.

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*Upcoming Webinars – Click on the webinars below for more information.  *

·         May 1 - NADE Certification Overview: Implementing A Data-Driven
Assessment Of Programs And Student

·      May 2 - Making Your Campus Safe For LGBTQ Students: Creating A
Supportive Campus

·         May 3 - Increasing The Effectiveness Of The Community College
Financial Model <>

·         May 3 - The College Coach Approach: A Low Cost, High Impact
Strategy For Student

·         May 8 - A New Take On Student Discipline: Understanding And
Applying The Restorative Justice

·         May 10 - The Tutor Juggle: How To Jump Start Tutor Training In
One Hour <>

·         May 11 - Transforming Teaching And Learning With Open Educational
Resources (OER) <>

·         May 15 - Sexual Misconduct: How To Create And Implement An
Effective And Efficient Response

·         May 15 - Assessing The Current Quality Of Your Tutor Training
Practices <>

·         May 16 - Exceptional Customer Service: A Training For Student
Employees <>

·         May 17 - College Facilities And The Safety

·         May 18 - 7 Emerging Trends Impacting Higher

·         May 22 - No More Monkeys: Time Management for Burnt-Out
Administrators <>

·         May 23 - The Key To Community College Survival: Staying
Competitive With Fewer Resources

·         May 29 - Using Measurable Outcomes to Evaluate Tutor

·         May 30 - The Completion Agenda: Engaging, Retaining, & Graduating
Community College Students

·         June 5 - Stinky Cheese: How To Manage Conflict Among

·         June 6 - Removing Suicidal Students From Campus: The Significance
Of Recent Changes In Federal

·         June 7 - Undocumented Students: An Overview of Policies, Myths
and Best Practices <>

·         June 12 - “Mad” Or Bad? Helping Faculty To Recognize & Manage
Student Mental Health Issues

·        June 12 - Assessing The Effectiveness Of Programs For At-Risk
Students: Strategies That

·         June 13 - Tracking and Retaining Commuter Students: How To Engage
Your Off-Campus

·         June 13 - The Future Of Community Colleges: Focusing On Skills
Training, Transfer Support & Workforce Development In Today’s Economy

·         June 14 - The Jones Effect: Attracting Students To Your Academic
Support And Co-Curricular

·         June 21 - Summer Bridge Programs: Easing The Transition For
First-Generation College Students

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