Nominations for the NCLCA Innovative Use of Technology Award are now open!

Deadline for submission is June 25th.   (Note: One spot on the NCLCA website has an earlier date.  This will be corrected shortly.)  See   for details.

The purpose of the NCLCA Innovative Use of Technology Award is 1) to recognize individuals, learning centers, or institutions that use innovative technology solutions focused on the learning center to improve student learning, assist learners who may learn differently, improve resource usage, increase student engagement, or enhance learning strategies and 2) to encourage proliferation of innovative uses of technology to other learning centers so that students everywhere may benefit.

Potential Areas of Technology:
Technology is, of course, rapidly developing, so the following list of newer technologies cannot be considered an inclusive list. Furthermore, the use of older technologies, applied in innovative ways, may also lead to an award.

     Social Media
     Mobile Learning
     Lecture Capture
     Green Technologies
     Virtual Worlds
     Document Sharing
     Live Communication Systems for Online Support
     Specialized Computer Software

To nominate someone for this award, send an email by June 25th with the following information in an MS Word or PDF attachment to Alan Craig, NCLCA Past President, at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>:

* A one-page cover sheet with your name, title, address, institution, e-mail, phone number, and title of your innovative use of technology.
* The impetus for the innovation.
* The purpose and objectives of the innovation.
* A description of the innovation and how it is used.
* The impact that the innovation has made on students or the learning center.
* Future plans
* Implications or implementation considerations for other learning centers.


Alan Craig

Past President, National College Learning Center Association

Interim Director GPC Learning & Tutoring Centers
Coordinator, Dunwoody Learning & Tutoring Center
Georgia Perimeter College
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